© aftertheSTORMband.com 2013 After the Storm Logo T-SHirt Enjoy our new After the Storm Logo t-shirt. Availalbe in three colors our t-shirt is printed with our logo on the front and our founding scripture on the back - Ezechial 34:11 “As the shepherds go after their flock when they get scattered I’m going AFTER my sheep. I’ll rescue them from all the places they have been scattered to in the STORMS” $15.00 Store We’ve hand selected a few items for you Heaven Has Blue Carpet (Thomas Nelson, Inc., ISBN# 978-0-8499-2004-2, October 2008) by Sharon Niedzinski details one woman's impulsive foray into sheep herding and how it provided an unexpected education in God's shepherding love for His people. While dealing with orphan lambs, tail cuttings, and foot rot, Niedzinski began to experience firsthand the amazing truths buried in the many Scriptures referencing God as our Shepherd. Through hilarious, heart-tugging stories, the author tells how those truths radically changed her life and brought her closer to our hard-working, sweat-stained, real-life Shepherd--Jesus. $14.00